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Butter, meat and cheese
Slowly, times are changing also when it comes to what is belied to be healthy and what makes us live long and healthy lives. A few days a go the results of a large study were communicated. The results indicate that people who eat less fat, meats, and cheese areContinue Reading
When I started my journey I believed, like many people; the food pyramid or the plate model was the way to go. I believed that I really needed to up my healthy grains, fruit, and greens and lower my intake of meat and fat. I did in fact, the opposite andContinue Reading
Free download offer
Great news! I’ve decided to extend the free download offer until Friday. Hurry up and get your free copy here.¬†  Continue Reading
Can we talk about menopause? Just for a little while? It is something all women go through, and some suffer greatly. But it is strangely quiet about it. The health professionals offer advice such as “sleep with your window open” or offer hormone replacement therapy, none of which really addressContinue Reading
Glass of water
One of the negative aspects of a carnivore diet is that there are very few scientific studies made. I and others have found we thrive on that way of eating but when people are questioning our choice we can’t point them in the direction of a scientific study to backContinue Reading