About me

I am Maria, a biohacker wMidlifetothemax woman in menopauseoman in menopause. I turned fifty in May 2017 and have never felt better. I live in Stockholm, Sweden and have three lovely teenagers.

A few years back I went through hell where I thought my life, as I knew it, was over. I was constantly tired, forgetful, overheated, slept poorly, was cranky and moody. It took a little while for me to realize I was in peri-menopause. And when I did I felt so sad as it is not much you can do about it apart from taking artificial hormones, which I wasn’t ready to do.

Not liking the new me

I went from loving life and having lots of energy to a frumpy, cranky woman who looked upon herself as old(ish).  Every day I mourned the old me and tried so hard to embrace the new me. But I didn’t like the new me – I was overweight, worried, tired and just no fun at all. Not even my kids enjoyed me during this time, and they have always been my biggest supporters. I also started having problems with my cognitive functions. I wasn’t just a little forgetful, I couldn’t even find the words for everyday items anymore, and it seemed like I couldn’t form new memories.

Symptoms of Menopause are unnecessary

In a last attempt to at least lose a few pounds I decided to try a new diet for a month. Low and behold, not only did I lose weight, all of my negative symptoms of menopause disappeared.  I then spent months researching why this happened (especially since the way I eat is the opposite to what the official guidelines for menopausal women are). My story and my findings resulted in a book that will be available here very soon.  What I found out about women’s bodies in menopause is nothing short of extraordinary. I will also share my thoughts on midlife, menopause, and what you can do about it on this blog.

I am not a doctor, and I have no medical training so what I say should not be taken as medical advice. My background is in PR and journalism with large corporations like Google inc., and small one man bands like my own company. I absolutely love studying and have a master of law, bachelor’s degree in social science and journalism as well as lots of other courses in subjects that interest me. In fall of 2017, I. hoping to take a course in basic human metabolism and nutrition.