Butter, meat and cheese is the recipe for a long life

Butter, meat and cheese

Slowly, times are changing also when it comes to what is belied to be healthy and what makes us live long and healthy lives. A few days a go the results of a large study were communicated. The results indicate that people who eat less fat, meats, and cheese are more at risk of dying prematurely. The Lancet looked at 135,000 adults, and the conclusion was that when people cut back on fat they substitute it with more carbohydrates and processed foods, and that combination is very risky.

In with the fat, out with the carbs

The results are in stark contrast to what many official health authorities around the globe recommend; low fat and a large portion of “healthy” carbohydrates. The results show that one aspect is the fat. Consuming high levels of all fats cuts early death rates by up to 23% and another aspect is carb laden diets which are the most unhealthy. People who eat a lot of refined sugar and processed meals have a 28% higher risk of early death according to the study.

From that perspective, a ketogenic diet which is low in carbohydrates and higher in fats and protein is good not only for combating menopausal symptoms, but it is good for over all health and longevity as well.

90 days of meat and water

I am participating in a 90-day meat and water study, and we have now reached day 18. It is really important that we get some facts and figures on what a diet like that does to us; is it safe, how will our bodies be affected, etc. So far so good. I think most of us participants have passed the initial adaptation period and now it is plain sailing. I have lots of energy, I only eat twice a day, and I rarely think about food. I am not normally quite as strict, but in the name of science, I think it is worth it.

Religious beliefs vs science


When I started my journey I believed, like many people; the food pyramid or the plate model was the way to go. I believed that I really needed to up my healthy grains, fruit, and greens and lower my intake of meat and fat. I did in fact, the opposite and felt so much better, not only did all my menopausal symptoms go away I also felt stronger and I got a lot more energy as well as some pounds being lost.

Where is the evidence?

In my quest for knowledge; why did my “opposite eating” give such great results I learned some shocking things.  I was convinced that the health advice we had been given was firmly based on science and science alone, but it turned out that is just not the case. Personally, I could not find any science to back up the dietary guidelines but then again, I am no expert I thought. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong places. But really, if there is such consensus, wouldn’t you think it would be quite easy to find the evidence behind? Not so.

Religion vs Science

But it turns out I am not the only one looking, among others Dr. Gary Fettke has done a lot of looking into this: Wouldn’t you be as surprised and horrified A I was to learn that the world’s dietary guidelines are based not on science but on beliefs, and even worse; religious beliefs? I didn’t even think to look in that direction, it is just all too crazy, isn’t it? But it’s not surprising there is so little scientific evidence to be found.

I am all for personal choices and freedom of religion but when it comes to health authorities’ advice on what to eat to stay healthy I want them to only, I repeat: only base their advice on science because my body is science, not a belief.

If you are interested to know more, grab a coffee and watch this video with Dr. Gary Fettke. Dr. Fettke is an orthopedic surgeon in Australia who is also a cancer survivor. He looked into the nutritional aspect of his own health troubles as well as those of his patients. He advised them to stop eating sugar and was taken to court to refrain him from doing so. Some more about him here. 

In his video, he speaks about what is the reason you can hardly mention red meat without getting strange looks. It is well worth its time.

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Can we talk about menopause? Just for a little while? It is something all women go through, and some suffer greatly. But it is strangely quiet about it. The health professionals offer advice such as “sleep with your window open” or offer hormone replacement therapy, none of which really address what is going on in your body. I truly thought my life as I knew it was over and I am actually quite surprised that there is so little interest in this. Why isn’t this a prioritized area to study and to come up with facts and relief?

By chance, I found out that when I eat a certain way all my symptoms disappeared almost overnight. And after a few month even my foggy, forgetful brain had healed. Why was that? Was it something in the food or something I didn’t eat? And why do ketones matter? Because it turns out they do, a lot.

Menopause is a Brain thing

I spent months gathering information, and even though there is frightfully little scientific research done on menopause, I did find some and I connected the dots. It turns out that menopausal symptoms have to do with the brain’s ability to get energy. And when you know that, you can also do something about it without pills or medication.

All of my findings during my journey from tired, overheated, middle aged frump back to being a sharp, witty woman with loads of energy ended up in “Sailing through Menopause” which you can now download for free on Tuesday and Wednesday (15 / 16 August, US time) of this week. Perhaps it can help transform your life as well? Or someone dear to you – please spread the word!

There is no reason lower estrogen levels has to affect us in a negative way.

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Very excited to participate in new scientific study

Glass of water

One of the negative aspects of a carnivore diet is that there are very few scientific studies made. I and others have found we thrive on that way of eating but when people are questioning our choice we can’t point them in the direction of a scientific study to back up our finding. There are a lot of anecdotal evidence but not really a lot of scientific data. Now that is about to change.

Study about to start

The people behind the site nequalsmany have taken it upon themselves to conduct an all meat and water study in accordance with all rules and regulations of scientific studies. I have enrolled as I find it so important that we get some hard facts on that way of eating. Maybe the three month the study will run for is a little on the short side but at least there will be some numbers put to what previously has been mainly anecdotes. I am really excited about participating and will record my own progress here on the blog. We start on August 15.

There have been other dietary studies of course but they often consist of people eating many different ingredients, like if people eat a hamburger – it is very difficult to know what impacts what, the bun, the meat or the slice of cucumber or tomato, the dressing, or the fries that come with the burger. Perhaps it is the combination of the ingredients that gives an effect. This study is unique in that the participants agree to only eat meat for the duration.

Another example; many people that eat a balanced diet claim they find meat to be difficult to digest. Many people who only eat meat find it to be very easy to digest. How can that be? Perhaps, in the first situation, it is the combination of other foods that make it hard to digest? When studying diets consisting of different foods it is difficult to know what is what and perhaps this study will shed some more light on the topic?

Only water to drink

It seems like my menopausal symptoms are gone, at least for now. Even if I eat carbs they don’t reappear so that is all comforting and good. I have been in really hot weather for the last month and I haven’t been uncomfortable at all. So nice to have a cooperative body again.

However, as I do find myself feeling so much better without carbs even when I don’t suffer from menopausal symptoms I will continue to fuel my body without them, at least the majority of the time. It is easier for me to keep my weight and build muscle on this way of eating and above all, my brain absolutely thrives on it, and my sweet tooth is kept at bay.

However, love dairy and easily overeat it so it will be nice to have an additional reason to stay away from that for the duration of the study. I don’t, however, look forward to not be able to drink coffee or the occasional glass of wine but I will be a good participant and follow protocol. If they ask us to only drink water, that is what I will do.

meat study

Brain health and food

The other day I met a lovely lady who is a little bit older than I am. We started chatting and she mentioned that she was starting to get worried about her brain health. She had noticed some deterioration in her cognitive functions. Her own research had led her to cut out most grains and sugars. We had a very productive and interesting talk. It was nice to meet someone who was also convinced that diet had a direct impact on her brain’s functions.