On my quest to learn more and to reinvent myself in midlife, I have come across many fabulous resources. Below are a few that you might also enjoy:

Zero carb evangelists:

Esmée La Fleur’s website

Kelly Hogan’s blog

Other great resources that are more geared towards the low carb, ketogenic way of eating is:

The Diet doctor’s website

Most people seem to turn to ketogenic diets for health or weight reasons. In that case, they might be looking for clean food, easier weight loss, anti-inflammatory properties etc., and might be less interested in the actual ketones. Ketones are typically more wanted in a ketogenic lifestyle for medicinal purposes. And even though menopause is not a disease we do want the ketones to fuel our brains. And sometimes, even on a strict ketogenic diet, at least, I need to up my levels of ketones to be able to not have night sweats for example and then some MCT oil is a life saver. So, all though it is a very commercial site I will list

So, all though it is a very commercial site and it is focused on selling products and promotes a diet full of fats I will list Bullet proofs blog here anyway. Because they do, at least sometimes, focus on information on ketones for brain clarity ( I don’t have any type of affiliation with the site).

There are also great groups on Facebook. Some are open, some you have to ask for acceptance before joining. Some of the groups that have been the most informative for me when it comes to a ketogenic lifestyle and also training are:

Principia Carnivora, Zeroing in on Health, Keto saved me and ketogains.