Menopause can be hell or…not much at all. I went through absolute hell during two-three years and then I found a way to get rid off all of the symptoms. And when the symptoms are gone there is not much to say about them. But, there are so many other things to talk about in my age. How to be happier, more energetic, feeling and looking great in midlife.

I’m soon to be 50, I haven’t actually reached menopause proper yet, and I am loving life, which is a huge change from just a year ago. So, this blog is about my journey, how my change of lifestyle completely turned my life around. How I feel fitter, healthier, younger and happier now than I have in many years. My brain is also back which I am most grateful for.

I am also quite upset that there is a reason, a real reason behind the symptoms (energy crisis) and therefore it is easily cured by sorting out the crisis. But no one talks about it. So I thought I start by sharing what I have found out, have experimented on myself and I have done tons of research.  If I hadn’t stubbled upon the solution, I don’t know where I’d be today. A lot crankier, that for sure!

Hopefully my journey can inspire and perhaps my tips will work for you, too?

Menopause, energy, midlife, keto