Menopause blog

Hot hot hot
It will be a short blog post today as I am on holiday and life is pretty slow. I am in Spain by the sea and the weather is humid and hot about 35 C (95 F). And the house I   am staying in doesn‘t have air condition so veryContinue Reading
Beans in menopause
As menopause happens estrogen levels fall, and the body reacts to that in different ways. Hot flashes, night sweats, and brain fog are so common it is almost like we just accept the symptoms without wondering why they occur. We suffer and think it’s normal. But why is it thatContinue Reading
Brain starvation can make you stupid
I don’t want to be stupid; I want to be witty, sharp, and knowledgeable. And I think I used to be. But then menopause hit me, and I got lost in the fog. I don’t know if someone else considered me stupid during that time, but I sure felt likeContinue Reading
Talking long term
When we talk about diets and what to eat and how, the point of long term always comes up; “But, is it really safe to eat low carb long term?” people can ask. I think we are missing the point when we focus on long term. Politicians and people inContinue Reading
Sailing through menopuase
Menopause can be a very lonely phase in a woman’s life. It seems to be a topic we rather not talk about.  Perhaps, it is because we all respond so differently to the bodily changes we go through at this time in our lives?Continue Reading