Religious beliefs vs science


When I started my journey I believed, like many people; the food pyramid or the plate model was the way to go. I believed that I really needed to up my healthy grains, fruit, and greens and lower my intake of meat and fat. I did in fact, the opposite and felt so much better, not only did all my menopausal symptoms go away I also felt stronger and I got a lot more energy as well as some pounds being lost.

Where is the evidence?

In my quest for knowledge; why did my “opposite eating” give such great results I learned some shocking things.  I was convinced that the health advice we had been given was firmly based on science and science alone, but it turned out that is just not the case. Personally, I could not find any science to back up the dietary guidelines but then again, I am no expert I thought. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong places. But really, if there is such consensus, wouldn’t you think it would be quite easy to find the evidence behind? Not so.

Religion vs Science

But it turns out I am not the only one looking, among others Dr. Gary Fettke has done a lot of looking into this: Wouldn’t you be as surprised and horrified A I was to learn that the world’s dietary guidelines are based not on science but on beliefs, and even worse; religious beliefs? I didn’t even think to look in that direction, it is just all too crazy, isn’t it? But it’s not surprising there is so little scientific evidence to be found.

I am all for personal choices and freedom of religion but when it comes to health authorities’ advice on what to eat to stay healthy I want them to only, I repeat: only base their advice on science because my body is science, not a belief.

If you are interested to know more, grab a coffee and watch this video with Dr. Gary Fettke. Dr. Fettke is an orthopedic surgeon in Australia who is also a cancer survivor. He looked into the nutritional aspect of his own health troubles as well as those of his patients. He advised them to stop eating sugar and was taken to court to refrain him from doing so. Some more about him here. 

In his video, he speaks about what is the reason you can hardly mention red meat without getting strange looks. It is well worth its time.