Butter, meat and cheese is the recipe for a long life

Butter, meat and cheese

Slowly, times are changing also when it comes to what is belied to be healthy and what makes us live long and healthy lives. A few days a go the results of a large study were communicated. The results indicate that people who eat less fat, meats, and cheese are more at risk of dying prematurely. The Lancet looked at 135,000 adults, and the conclusion was that when people cut back on fat they substitute it with more carbohydrates and processed foods, and that combination is very risky.

In with the fat, out with the carbs

The results are in stark contrast to what many official health authorities around the globe recommend; low fat and a large portion of “healthy” carbohydrates. The results show that one aspect is the fat.┬áConsuming high levels of all fats cuts early death rates by up to 23% and another aspect is carb laden diets which are the most unhealthy.┬áPeople who eat a lot of refined sugar and processed meals have a 28% higher risk of early death according to the study.

From that perspective, a ketogenic diet which is low in carbohydrates and higher in fats and protein is good not only for combating menopausal symptoms, but it is good for over all health and longevity as well.

90 days of meat and water

I am participating in a 90-day meat and water study, and we have now reached day 18. It is really important that we get some facts and figures on what a diet like that does to us; is it safe, how will our bodies be affected, etc. So far so good. I think most of us participants have passed the initial adaptation period and now it is plain sailing. I have lots of energy, I only eat twice a day, and I rarely think about food. I am not normally quite as strict, but in the name of science, I think it is worth it.