Very excited to participate in new scientific study

Glass of water

One of the negative aspects of a carnivore diet is that there are very few scientific studies made. I and others have found we thrive on that way of eating but when people are questioning our choice we can’t point them in the direction of a scientific study to back up our finding. There are a lot of anecdotal evidence but not really a lot of scientific data. Now that is about to change.

Study about to start

The people behind the site nequalsmany have taken it upon themselves to conduct an all meat and water study in accordance with all rules and regulations of scientific studies. I have enrolled as I find it so important that we get some hard facts on that way of eating. Maybe the three month the study will run for is a little on the short side but at least there will be some numbers put to what previously has been mainly anecdotes. I am really excited about participating and will record my own progress here on the blog. We start on August 15.

There have been other dietary studies of course but they often consist of people eating many different ingredients, like if people eat a hamburger – it is very difficult to know what impacts what, the bun, the meat or the slice of cucumber or tomato, the dressing, or the fries that come with the burger. Perhaps it is the combination of the ingredients that gives an effect. This study is unique in that the participants agree to only eat meat for the duration.

Another example; many people that eat a balanced diet claim they find meat to be difficult to digest. Many people who only eat meat find it to be very easy to digest. How can that be? Perhaps, in the first situation, it is the combination of other foods that make it hard to digest? When studying diets consisting of different foods it is difficult to know what is what and perhaps this study will shed some more light on the topic?

Only water to drink

It seems like my menopausal symptoms are gone, at least for now. Even if I eat carbs they don’t reappear so that is all comforting and good. I have been in really hot weather for the last month and I haven’t been uncomfortable at all. So nice to have a cooperative body again.

However, as I do find myself feeling so much better without carbs even when I don’t suffer from menopausal symptoms I will continue to fuel my body without them, at least the majority of the time. It is easier for me to keep my weight and build muscle on this way of eating and above all, my brain absolutely thrives on it, and my sweet tooth is kept at bay.

However, love dairy and easily overeat it so it will be nice to have an additional reason to stay away from that for the duration of the study. I don’t, however, look forward to not be able to drink coffee or the occasional glass of wine but I will be a good participant and follow protocol. If they ask us to only drink water, that is what I will do.

meat study

Brain health and food

The other day I met a lovely lady who is a little bit older than I am. We started chatting and she mentioned that she was starting to get worried about her brain health. She had noticed some deterioration in her cognitive functions. Her own research had led her to cut out most grains and sugars. We had a very productive and interesting talk. It was nice to meet someone who was also convinced that diet had a direct impact on her brain’s functions.