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Can we talk about menopause? Just for a little while? It is something all women go through, and some suffer greatly. But it is strangely quiet about it. The health professionals offer advice such as “sleep with your window open” or offer hormone replacement therapy, none of which really address what is going on in your body. I truly thought my life as I knew it was over and I am actually quite surprised that there is so little interest in this. Why isn’t this a prioritized area to study and to come up with facts and relief?

By chance, I found out that when I eat a certain way all my symptoms disappeared almost overnight. And after a few month even my foggy, forgetful brain had healed. Why was that? Was it something in the food or something I didn’t eat? And why do ketones matter? Because it turns out they do, a lot.

Menopause is a Brain thing

I spent months gathering information, and even though there is frightfully little scientific research done on menopause, I did find some and I connected the dots. It turns out that menopausal symptoms have to do with the brain’s ability to get energy. And when you know that, you can also do something about it without pills or medication.

All of my findings during my journey from tired, overheated, middle aged frump back to being a sharp, witty woman with loads of energy ended up in “Sailing through Menopause” which you can now download for free on Tuesday and Wednesday (15 / 16 August, US time) of this week. Perhaps it can help transform your life as well? Or someone dear to you – please spread the word!

There is no reason lower estrogen levels has to affect us in a negative way.

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